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About .KiDS

About DotKids

.KiDS for All Things Kids – The only child-centric top-level-domain name with kids best interest at heart! A .KiDS domain lets kids and parents know that you care enough to choose a safer, more trustworthy and positive online experience for children.

.KiDS Mission & Vision

The Mission of DotKids is:

  • To create and foster an online space with kids’ best interests at heart; and,
  • To serve as a sustainable source of support to children’s rights and welfare initiatives, especially as related to the Internet.

The Vision of the DotKids Foundation is to create a dedicated Internet space for kids, supporting and championing for a better cyberspace favourable to the positive development of kids, and the active participation from children and youth in global governance, especially for the Internet.

About DotKids Foundation

DotKids Foundation is the Registry Operator for the .KiDS community gTLD, and is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in Hong Kong.

Throughout the journey of the ICANN application process, the .KiDS application has been supported by child rights community groups around the world including: Child Rights Coalition Asia; Child Welfare League of America; Children’s Lobby Switzerland; The Association for Childhood Education International; Rights of Young Foundation Uganda; The Association for Childhood Education International; Viva; Terre des Hommes; and many more.

By working with child-rights advocates and stakeholders, DotKids aims to create a safer Internet for future generations now.

About DotAsia

DotAsia Organisation is a not-for-profit, community membership-based organization headquartered in Hong Kong. We are the Registry Operator for the .Asia TLD – the designated web address for Asia and Asian communities worldwide.

DotAsia is proud that our team has been a guiding force for the .KiDS initiative since the preparations of the proposal submission to ICANN in 2012. DotAsia will continue to be an integral part of the .KiDS initiative going forward. The DotAsia team will be supporting the market development and operations for the .KiDS TLD, and are thrilled to be working with the global children’s rights and welfare community, through the DotKids Foundation, to bring to you an exciting TLD space in .KiDS.

Connect with .KiDS

The .KiDS TLD is a dedicated online space of higher trust and confidence for all things kids.

Whether it is entertainment or educa- tional content for children and youth, products or services for kids or their parents, advocacy or charitable initiatives for the rights and welfare of children, a .KiDS domain sets your project apart by announcing your dedication to kids.

Who Can Register a .KiDS Domain?

DotKids Cloud

.KiDS is open to individuals, organizations, and businesses that are looking to create entertaining and educational web content for children and youth.

DotKids Cloud

.KiDS domains are for parents, educators and caregivers that look after the wellbeing of children.

DotKids Cloud

.KiDS domains are also for organizations and charities that benefit children and their families.

How Old is a Kid?

Following the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, kids are generally defined as human beings below the age of 18 years. You can of course dedicate your .kids domain to even younger kids or adults who work with kids.

Uniqueness of .KiDS

DotKids Dot

Upholding the United Nations Convention

for the Rights of the Child (UNCRC);

DotKids Dot

Operationalizing the set of .KiDS Guiding Principles

to provide a protective system aimed at curbing inappropriate and abusive materials for kids; and,

DotKids Dot

Championing a set of Kids-Friendly Content Guide

to advocate for effective and attractive content for kids.

Help keep .KiDS safe

To keep the .KiDS webspace safe for all kids,  domain registrants and operators are bound to the .KiDS Guiding Principals.  If you spot abusive content, please let us know!

.KiDS Guiding Principles

As a brief summary, the .KiDS Guiding Principles requires that registrants refrain from illegal and inappropriate materials to be published through a .KiDS domain, including content with explicit sexuality, violence, substance abuse, profanity, or other matters typically deemed unsuitable for children or adolescents, as well as content promoting the consumption of tobacco and alcohol by children (content depicting and suggesting adults consuming alcohol is not a problem), and child labor, trafficking and child soldier.

Registrants should also protect the privacy of children visitors to their website and services. A reporting and takedown process will be implemented by the .KiDS Registry to suspend resolution of .KiDS domains violating the Guiding Principles. This will be supplemented with an appeals mechanism to allow for reactivation of suspended domains. Note also that the Guiding Principles apply to the domain name string itself as well (i.e. domain names containing profanity terms and words are subject to suspension and deletion).

DotKids Marketing Collateral

The target audiences for .KiDS nevertheless are products, services and infotainment that are for kids or about kids, parents and the community supporting the rights and welfare of children. We’ve prepared a set of branding and informational materials for our community and partners to assist with your advocacy of the .KiDS namespace.