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The ABCs of .KiDS

.KiDS is a special Internet space for all things kids. To answer some commonly asked questions, we’ve prepared a guide book –  ABCs of .KiDS for our general audience.

.KiDS logo and Style Guide

The .KiDS logo and its variations and complementing components are available here for use. They can be extracted from the PDF file using a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator. If you require support or need additional file formats, please feel free to let us know at info[at]

A dedicated page is also provided for quick downloads of common versions of our logo.

.KiDS Marketing Collateral Kit

The .KiDS Marketing Collateral Kit contains a collection of materials that our channel partners may use to create derivative .KiDS promotional works.  The package contains the following items:

  • .KiDS branded stock images (curated from Unsplash and Pixabay. Images included are free, for commercial and non-commercial use and permission/attribution-free)
  • .KiDS logo and style guide
  • .KiDS Factbook
  • Nunito font, which our brand uses in our creatives (The Nunito font is open-source)

Who can register .KiDS?

Anyone can register and utilize a .KiDS domain. The target audiences for .kids nevertheless are products, services and infotainment that are for kids or about kids, parents and the community supporting the rights and welfare of children.

  • .KiDS is open to individuals, organizations, and businesses that are looking to create entertaining and educational web content for children and youth.
  • .KiDS domains are for parents, educators and caregivers that look after the wellbeing of children.
  • .KiDS domains are also for organizations and charities that benefit children and their families.

Uniqueness of .KiDS

  • Upholding the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child (UNCRC);
  • Operationalizing the set of .KiDS Guiding Principles to provide a protective system aimed at curbing inappropriate and abusive materials for kids; and,
  • Championing a set of Kids-Friendly Content Guide to advocate for effective and attractive content for kids.

Why choose .KiDS?

The .KiDS TLD is a dedicated online space of higher trust and confidence for all things kids. Whether it is entertainment or educational content for children and youth, products or services for kids or their parents, advocacy or charitable initiatives for the rights and welfare of children, a .KiDS domain sets your project apart by announcing your dedication to kids. Some ideas for initiatives for which a .KiDS domain is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurial children and youth
  • Mompreneurs, Dadpreneurs
  • Mom and Dad Bloggers • Teachers and Educators
  • Child rights advocate groups
  • Brands with kids’ product lines
  • Toys, games and other goods for kids
  • Media, entertainment and kids channels
  • Schools, daycares, preschools, tutors, camps, educational programs, etc.