From clothing labels to media groups, .kids domain name will be a top choice for popular brands. Fun, catchy and meaningful, .kids domains can be part of a simple and effective solution to raise life-long brand loyalty now.

Hello! DotAsia is excited to introduce .kids – the only child-centric TLD on the Internet with kids’ best interests at heart. We are proud to fully support the launch and operation of .kids for the global children’s rights and welfare community.

Today, young people everywhere spend a significant portion of their daily life on the Internet. UNICEF estimates at the global level that, “one child in three is an Internet user, and that one in three Internet users is a child under 18 years of age.” Increasingly, and accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, kids are growing up doing homework, learning, playing, socializing and making friends online.

We believe that a dedicated space for kids on the Internet is imperative, and that the .kids domain extension is that space where children and parents can feel safe to explore, learn, have fun and grow up together.

By using a .kids domain, your audience and customers will immediately know that your website and services are made-for-kids or about kids. It is perfect for brands with kids’ product lines, channels, educational services, and more. Whether you are a children’s charity project, a startup or multinational company, .kids is a fun and catchy domain to highlight your brand.

Now is the time to invite your customers to find their inner kid again, get ready for .kids domain today!

Edmon Chung
Chief Executive Officer
DotAsia Organisation