Kids today are growing up in a hyper connected world, yet they are often most vulnerable to experience harm online.  Try as we may, research suggests that parents tend to underestimate children‘s experiences of harm online.  This is especially true for kids 9 years and older.

The .KiDS domain extension is the only gTLD with kids‘ best interest at heart; and we are the only registry that monitors its zone to protect children and youth from harmful content.  Here at DotKids, we believe the Internet can be a wonderful, fun and educational space for kids.  There are thousands of websites and apps out there created with kids and families in mind, and a .KiDS domain is the perfect fit for these websites and more.

Use a .KiDS Domain for:

Kids Websites

A .KiDS domain lets kids and parents know that you care enough to choose a safer, more trustworthy and positive online experience for children.  Fun, catchy and meaningful, .KiDS domain names convey that your website is built for young audiences, young minds and those young at heart.  Check out!


From daycares to clothing labels to media groups, .KiDS domain names are top choices for popular brands. Carving out a special space on a .KiDS domain for kids is a simple and effective solution to raise life-long brand loyalty now.  We love!

Kids Apps

Are you building an app for kids and families?  A website is a must-have component for your app based business.  A .KiDS domain is the perfect companion to convey important information to parents and educators while allowing your app to be found on Google and other search engines.  Check out and!

Don’t miss out on the fun, get your .KiDS domain from our partners today!